Veranstaltung: Sommer – Blues mit Frank Plagge am 8.7.2017

Blues, Roots, Singer Songwriter – One Man Bluesband
Live am Samstag, den 8. Juli 2017, ab 20.00 Uhr

One person plays 6 instruments at the same time! See it, hear it, believe it!!!

Born on of December 1963, I’ve played the guitar since the age of 15.
Raised up in the maintown of Schleswig Holstein, Kiel in the northern part of Germany.
I’ve played in small clubs around my hometown as a singer/songwriter, with german lyrics.In 1993 comes the point who changed my life.
That was the first time I saw Eric Claptons MTV unplugged concert.A man and his guitar, picking with his bare fingers and playing with that bottle neck slide real sweet.4
Acoustic blues, folk, ragtime and country, played the oldschool way.That was it.
I learned by doing, and finally found my way, thank God for that.
Over the years I got more and more into it, but playing music was something I did along with stuff, that somehow always seemed to be more important.
Following the path for years, without any roadmap though.
Since 2006 I am touring around Europe.
Playing on the streets and in small clubs and venues as a One Man Bluesband.
I am playing shows constantly during this never ending tour – every week throughout the year.
In 2007 I’ve finnished my work on my first live CD „ Good rockin‘ blues“